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Alutara-te comunitatii[FRAGWAY]



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First name " remus
Age »15 in may 16
Location » England
Occupation »  delivery pizza and supermarket worker
Hobbies and passions » i like to smoke weed and sell it a lot
Nick CS »  Фредо
Favorite mode » CSDM CS:GO MODE SURF
The community server you are working on: (GO or RESPAWN) RESPAWN and sometimes GO
Steam (On / Off) » i have STEAM but i dont use it a lot 
Where did you hear about FRAGWAY? » i was helper on this sv RESPAWN nick Wag1 
Give a note to the community » 10/10
Contact » FB >  https;//www.facebook.com/garfielduk15  Skype > Garfield_15 Discord > Garfield 0033 
Other details "  i like this community 🙂

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Welcome. We are glad that you like our community and hope to have an enjoyable stay with us.

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